3 ways to tap into the Nordic décor trend

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Friday, December 4th, 2015 at 1:04pm.

Guess what type of home décor is on tap to be all the rage next year? “Minimalist Nordic design!” Hey, we here in Minnesota can now brag that we were Nordic-inspired before it was cool!

The Nordic movement, as it’s being called, evokes the simple, minimalist homes of Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Finland and features a lot of white and other simple color schemes. You will also see a heavy emphasis on natural materials.

Here are some easy ways to embrace the minimalist beauty of Nordic décor for a balanced and bright 2016.

Tabula rasa 

Just another way of saying “blank slate,” you’ll need to create a tabula rasa for your new decorating scheme. This means choosing your wall color, and, no, not all white paints are the same.

The different hues will determine the vibe the room gives off. The experts at Sherwin-Williams claim that white “carries such reassuring associations: freshness, purity . . .” and it “promises a dirt-free, germ-resistant, till-death-do-us-part world.” Despite its symbolism, though, white makes an impact, especially in Nordic design. Sherwin-Williams’ 2016 Color of the Year, by the way, is “Alabaster,” and the company considers it a shade of white, although we think it’s more of a very light grey.

Turn on the light

As in Nordic countries, the winter season in Minnesota sometimes feels long and dark, and it’s natural to begin craving sunlight. Hang sheers on the windows to allow natural light into the room and add shiny and reflective accessories to reflect light. This may take the form of a large mirror on the wall (the Tati Mirror, designed by Johan Ridderstråle & Mats Broberg for the ASPLUND Collection is quintessentially Scandinavian) or gleaming coat hooks that double as decorative accessories. Use copper, the metal of the moment, in a living room lamp or for pendant lighting in a white kitchen.

Embrace natural tones 

While shiny, metallic elements aren’t exactly authentically Nordic, you can’t go wrong with anything in your design that is earthy and natural. Consider marble countertops instead of granite and teak, beech or ash for cabinets and furniture.


Image: Charlotte Holmes/flickr via CC by SA 2.0

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